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Keeping up on the latest news and views in a variety of social interests is important in order to be aware, to be prepared.

Our shows are heard on AM & FM broadcast stations from Alaska to Puerto Rico and on every major podcast app. Be sure to subscribe to get the latest shows. Our major ones are listed below. Click on their icons.

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NOTE: All Podcasts are generally posted 1-2 days in advance of broadcast stations around North America and your favorite app subscription should auto-update.

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Many of the stations repeat our shows, and also have their own streaming available – check their websites for schedules and links.

Many of our stations also carry major network programming along with radio giants like Sean Hannity, Dan Bongino, Larry Elder, Dennis Praeger, Mark Levin, and others so…. we’re in good company. For reasons of operating overhead expenses, many stations locate in more rural areas but cover surrounding major metropolitan markets as well as the heartland
of America.

We’ll update as we add new stations. NOTE: Confirm with your local stations on their most current air days and times for Erskine.