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Experience combined with personality and drive enhances your listening experience – and the value you receive from listening. Erskine brings 30+ years of radio airtime reaching millions of listeners. His popular podcast interviews entertain and inform with the likes of LTG Michael Flynn, Sidney Powell, Judge Jeanine Pirro, Dr. Sebastian Gorka, Alan Dershowitz, Gordon Chang, Victor Davis Hanson and many others.

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Currently worldwide and nationwide in select local markets, with his vast internet audience on major podcast networks, Erskine returns radio to FUN and Quality, “the way it should be.” Listen online through our various partners or on local stations when available.

Free radio online, podcasts, and through select local stations.


For 30 years, Erskine has successfully dared to investigate the truth, examine the mysterious, and enjoy the humor. He is a man of many talents having a background in entertainment, investigation, business enterprise, and mingling with the famous here and abroad.

Erskine is the winner of the Sacred Fire of Liberty Excellence In Health Journalism and Voice of Liberty awards.

His fast-paced programs are well researched and deal with modern-day, up-to-date happenings and successes in all areas of life – the latest news-makers and news-breakers in the economy, politics, the sciences, and technology.

Listeners will appreciate this energetic breath of fresh air, and your advertisers will recognize the success of well-established, long-running, and positive programs.

His goals are simple: to provide entertainment, enlightenment, and enjoyment.

Erskine Radio Disclaimer:

From Erskine Himself

“The views expressed by our guests do not necessarily represent the views of Erskine, our sponsors, or our network. In fact, if challenged we’ll deny that this program ever existed.”

Jay S. - Canada

"Howdy! Huge Erskine fan here! Been tuning in to the show ever since I found him after listening to Saturday evening programmes on GCN, been hooked ever since."

Bo Snerdley, the Rush Limbaugh show

I don’t have much time to listen to a lot of radio these days- but you have quite an impressive line-up. God Bless.”


I love how Erskine had Sidney Powell on his show, even before Limbaugh touted a book of her live on air, it's one of the big things I love about Erskine, he's usually ahead of the pack

Bo Snerdley, the Rush Limbaugh show

I don’t have much time to listen to a lot of radio these days- but you have quite an impressive line-up. God Bless.”

Lonnie P.

I had never heard of Erskine's radio, but I’m glad you showed up in my Twitter feed. I like the company you keep, so I follow you.